Everyone has a story to tell. We use these stories as a way to communicate, populating social networks, and sharing information which makes the challenge of good storytelling, important. VisualFox takes on this challenge by exploring and developing new solutions for telling your story. We join you in a new era where customers are more than customers but part of the brand, where customers expect an authentic experience anytime, everywhere, and all the time. Welcome to the new web, a web about conversation, shared experience, and storytelling.



Take control over remote browsers and share your web experience with cl9.

cl9 excels with "show and tell", graphic design review process, visual web based communication, ongoing conferences, small class room meetings, and more. The use of cl9 is yours to define, but it works best by adding structure to situations that require a participatory audience.

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Fit here! Fit there! Boss around your web page with BOLD.

VisualFox FX

Animation library which leverage CSS3 animation feature.


Another tentacle for Octobot... and this one tweet!

octotwitter @github

VisualFox Layout

Let you layout web element


Perl script to manage an Ubuntu 10.04 LTS based stack with nginx, php-fpm, mysql, drupal, octobot aka s66c Stack

VisualFox Core

A set of reusable functions and classes. Used by other VisualFox products.

VisualFox FX GWTQuery

A GwtQuery plugin to add support for VisualFox FX animation, transition and effect