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Something* design or the life after photoshop

Constructing the graphic so it is not a graphic design anymore but just a design that is graphic.

Transforming graphic design from a pixel operation to a photographic one. By revisiting the premise of the pre-digital design's era. And deconstructing these premises to see which solution are conceivable with today technologies. It's a little like coming back in time 30 years ago and starting from scratch. Where solution are not depending of some convoluted computer's history but having again a white board. What is in game here is the unification of different vocabularies and trade in the design world, as well as addressing the need for a set of new vocabularies - user experience, user interface, interactivity. By incorporating back a physical control to the design process it should be possible to fusion some of the sub-category of design, instead to be a graphic designer you just become a designer.

tl;dr [graphic designer mode] Dude! You are missing some dimension to design with.

tl;dr [developer mode] The odd of a fixed orthographic camera, arbitrary ambient light, and a third dimension coded on short integer to represent/design the world.

The following video was a quick proof of concept. And some part can really use some serious editing. But I was more interested by testing how a lot of common real world effect can be done correctly using a 3d process.

More technically oriented but still related are the following two videos: